Reference to blogs, tweets, discussions, etc that caught my attention during the last week.

Data Modeling

Data Modeler Of 2020” YouTube video by Steve Hoberman addresses topics like modeling for NoSQL or BigData, Fact Based Modeling, becoming more agile, etc.

Basic Rules of Cassandra Data Modeling” by Tyler Hobbs covers basic approaches for modeling NoSQL wide-column store Cassandra. Examples are provided to show how to “model around queries”.

Data Storage

Little review and pictures from #DOAGn2n @DOAGev @bigarne @ABuckenhofer @streetkiter @shinguz @didineugebauer @ctrieb
— Martin Klier (@MartinKlierDBA) 6. Februar 2015

Mike Dietrich refers to an important MOS note for Oracle databases in his blog article “New MOS Note:1962125.1 – Overview of Database Patch Delivery Methods“. The MOS note supports the DBA to distinguish between Oracle patching choices.

Great slides by Markus Winand on “Modern SQL in PostgreSQL“. I like his opening slide asking “Still using Windows 3.1?” with a jibe to developers ignoring the latest SQL improvements. He shows important SQL additions since SQL-92 and how PostgreSQL supports them.

The community voted that Apache Hive Codebase 0.14.1 is released as Hive 1.0.0. The new version removes HiveServer1. HiveServer2 has become the standard in the meantime as it supports ODBC, JDBC and security features. CLI users will have to switch to beeline. See “Announcing Hive 1.0: A Stable Moment in Time” by Alan Gates/Carter Shanklin and “Apache Hive 1.0.0 Has Been Released” by Brock Noland.