Andreas Buckenhofer public appearances: upcoming and past talks on data topics like data management, data architecture, databases, etc.


Upcoming talks

  • Introduction to vector databases: concepts, applications, and technologies (Nuremberg, KI Navigator 2024)

Past talks

  • Data Engineering meets Software Engineering (Nuremberg, DOAG 2023)
  • Data Mesh: How to create data products and data contracts (Nuremberg, DOAG 2023)
  • Fishowl on Data Mesh (Munich, TDWI 2023)
  • Data Management & Python: Good practices for application maintenance (Munich, TDWI 2023)
  • Panel on data management ESG (Vienna, Austrian Digital Value 2023)
  • Technical debts in data management (Frankfurt, Big Data & AI World 2023)
  • Data management of sensor data (Nuremberg, DOAG 2022)
  • Data platform for sensor data (Brühl, Cloudland 2022)
  • Data management of sensor data (Munich, TDWI 2022)
  • On the search for (Meta) Data (IT-Tage Database, Online 2022)
  • Data architectures from Lakehouse to Data Mesh: Evolution, Revolution, Chaos?  (Online, DOAG 2021)
  • Data Catalog and Data usage (Online, DOAG 2020)
  • Big Data and anonymization techniques (Nuremberg, DOAG 2019)
  • Data Catalog instead of Metadata Management (Brühl, Analytics 2019)
  • Data Products: from PoC into production (Nuremberg, DOAG 2018)
  • Is the Data Catalog a “Metadata Management reloaded”? (Dresden, Big Data Days 2018)
  • Data integration and Data Vault – the devil is in the details (Munich, TDWI 2018)
  • Refactoring an existing DWH with Data Vault (Nuremberg, DOAG 2017)
  • Data Warehousing with Data Vault and log-based Change Data Capture (Lisbon, IDUG 2017)
  • Are Data Lakes the new Core DWHs? (Neuss, Oracle Data Vision 2017)
  • Metadata and Data Vault (Meta Vault)? (Nuremberg, DOAG 2016)
  • CDC and Data Vault to architect a DWH in the automotive industry (Munich, TDWI 2016)
  • Wide column-stores for architects (Munich, BI 2015)
  • Caching: In-Memory Column Store or BI Server? (Nuremberg, DOAG 2015)
  • Error handling using DML Error Logging (Nuremberg, DOAG 2013)