Beurer Half Marathon (+ Einstein-Marathon and some other distances) took place in Ulm on 29-Sep-2013. The weather was perfect. It was almost windless – just a bit cold during the waiting before start. Daimer TSS sponsored my participation and also organized food and drinks after the finish line. Thanks to all organizers and helpers during the event.

Daimler TSS Inline half marathon took place the first time this year. The inline skaters startet at 8:45am while the runners started 15min later. Actually the runners were delayed until 9:10am to give the inline skaters a healthy margin.

I started in block B and intended to follow the half marathon pacemaker with target time below 1h 40min. Unexpectedly I was able to run faster and finished in 1h 36min 44sec. I had some atony between 14km and 15km with an average speed of 4min 51sec per kilometer but fortunately was able to accelerate again to a higher speed. I’m looking forward to Beurer HM 2014.

Runtastic map of my run with speed:

My finish times Beurer Half Marathon
2013: 1h 36min 44sec (4min 37sec per km)
2011: 1h 39min 30sec (4min 44sec per km)
2010: 1h 38min 48sec (4min 42sec per km)
2009: 1h 52min 09sec (5min 19sec per km)