Beurer Half Marathon (+ Einstein-Marathon and other distances) took place in Ulm on 18-Sep-2011. The weather was nasty: rainy and windy – the only positive mention it was not hot. The event was again perfectly organized with one huge improvement compared to the last happenings. The target area around “Ulm Minster” was cramped the years before with finishers looking for refreshments. Water and food supply is now behind the church granting lots of space for arriving runners.

I was not able to improve my finish time this year. I tried to reach 1h35min but I had no chance. I was never able to run a speed of 4min30sec over a longer distance during the race. At the end I was pretty happy to come in with 1h39min30sec. Now I’m feeling like using the elevator instead of the stairs the next days… Thanks to OPUS DC who sponsored my participation and the get-together after the run.

My finish times Beurer Half Marathon
2009: 1h 52min 09sec (5min 19sec per km)
2010: 1h 38min 48sec (4min 42sec per km)
2011: 1h 39min 30sec (4min 44sec per km)